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Bénédict RAVEL
Senior Consultant 
Florian BOHÊME
Founder of b. Consulting
Hospitality Consultant
Julie Thai
Senior Food & Beverage Consultant

Benedict lives in south-east Asia since 2007 and has worked in Vietnam and Cambodia.

She has an extensive experience in the tourism industry, from organizing tailor-made incentive tours to putting forward her Marketing skills, from training multi-cultural teams to implementing new business strategies. 


In Phnom Penh, she was able to develop and share some of her skills:

- proven experience in business development,

- client-driven professional, stimulated by client relationship and customer service,

- long-term passion for the hospitality and marketing. 

Julie has more than 20 years experience in restaurant management. She has been living in Phnom Penh since 2002.


Thanks to her extensive leadership skills and her comprehensive knowledge of Cambodian food & beverage market, she has supervised the opening of several restaurants. She has been training numerous staff to improve quality service as well as production, reducing staff turnover and maximizing productivity.


From high end venue to fast food outlets, her skills for organization and team building as well as her commitment to guests satisfaction are an asset for restaurants key moments : opening time, re-branding or development strategy.

Florian is graduated from one of the best hospitality schools in France (Paris School of Table, Tourism and Hospitality) and has more than 10 years experience in France and more than 5 years in Cambodia.


He founded b. Consulting - Hospitality Expert in 2017. Within his journey, Florian has developped an extensive HORECA experience. 

Between 2012-2014, he was appointed as Chief of Staff for the Francophonie  Minister of State, representing the French Government.

All these experiences gave him a solid knowledge to become a hospitality consultant :  autonomous, reliability, skilled, availability.


A diversified team of professionals to meet your needs

Our team is also composed of local and international consultants dedicated to the success of each project. 

With our experience, b. Consulting has created a 360° program to support our customers.

Always led by one of b. Consulting partner, the team is involved at every stage of the project: from feasibility studies, concept development, project development, auditing, business process management, industry analysis, and staff training.

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