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Hospitality Expert

With 15 years experience in the hospitality sector, our team of consultants is specialized in HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Café),
Consultancy in Property Management, Wellness, Leisure, Entertainment, Retail.

  • Project Development 

- Opening or re-opening your property, rebranding, restructuring 
- Expert advice for initial setup, FF&E (Furniture, fixtures, and equipment), OS&E (Operating Supplies and Equipment), SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
- Implementation of your existing facilities, supervision of your project development, short or middle-term management.

  • Management 

- Team management for short or middle term
- Personal support for your management team
- Customer services
- Costs control
- Operations analysis and Standard Operating Procedures

  • Team Training 

- Tailor made training
- Enforce the skills of your team
- Skills retraining
- Corporate Social Responsability
- Respect the international standards of hospitality industry to be more competitive​

  • Marketing 

- Branding
- Property Reputation Management
- Hotel pricing Strategy, yield management
- Loyalty Program
- Upselling and Cross Selling
- Mystery Guest Shopper​

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