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UNESCO dives into a new chapter of journeys to ethnic communities in ASEAN

UNESCO in collaboration with distinguished partners including DASTA, ASEAN-Türkiye Cooperation, CRIHAP, K11, ONYX, The City Connext and b. Consulting Cambodia is embarking on an exciting new chapter, delving into the diverse and captivating journeys to ethnic communities in ASEAN.  In an upcoming webinar "Untold Journeys: Sharing Ethnic Stories from the Rivers and the Seas'', Cambodian participants are invited to join in and share inspiring stories of tourism initiatives led by indigenous peoples, including the Ifugao, Pgakenyaw Karen, sea nomads, and many others.  

UNESCO/City Connext

This webinar aims to explore the integration of indigenous wisdom, river ecosystems, and ethnic narratives in global tourism development. By highlighting the importance of these narratives, the webinar seeks to promote sustainable tourism practices that benefit local communities and enhance the overall tourism experience.  

Event Insights

The webinar will provide valuable insights through a keynote speech, panel discussion, and interactive Q&A session. Experts will discuss how indigenous wisdom, river ecosystems, and ethnic narratives can shape global tourism development. 

  • The keynote speech will be delivered by Igor Stefanovic, a UN Tourism Coordinator, who will explore the integration of indigenous wisdom and river ecosystems in tourism.

  • The panel discussion will include experts such as Dr. Rasmi Shoocongdej, Sopheap Chim, and Eulalie Dulnuan. They will share their expertise on incorporating ethnic and indigenous stories into sustainable tourism and heritage management.

  • Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers during a Q&A session, promoting a meaningful dialogue.

Event Details

Date: May 29, 2024

Time: 14:00-16:00 (Bangkok time, GMT+7)

Registration (Required):

For further information about the preliminary agenda, please visit our Project Portal, or scan the QR code below: 

About the Project:

"Enhancing Sustainable Tourism in ASEAN Waterside Cities" is a pioneering initiative designed to leverage local communities' unique cultural and natural heritage, fostering sustainable development and regional cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you at all our 6 webinars and to collaborating on sustainable tourism development in our waterside communities.

For press inquiries or further details, please contact City Connext:

  • Anawit Jitmana (+66) 65 895 6323

  • Thatsanvanh Banjong (+66) 87 706 5030

  • Email address:


Contact b.Consulting

(+855) 10 518 700

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