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Siem Reap Tourism Club Announces 2nd Student Recruitment for Pre-Employment Training in Hospitality Industry

Updated: Jun 5

b.Consulting Cambodia is pleased to share on the latest initiative from the Siem Reap Tourism Club (STC), a registered non-profit association dedicated to promoting and elevating enterprises in various sectors, including tourism, manufacturing, technology, and agriculture.

After their first program in October 2023 trained 300 students with help from the Skills Development Fund (SDF), the Siem Reap Tourism Club (STC) is now starting their second training course for jobs in the hospitality industry. This new initiative aims to train an additional 200 students using the renowned Hoka's curriculum, with the program scheduled to commence in July 2024 and accomplish in February 2025. 

The comprehensive 8-month program will comprise four months of theoretical and in-class study, followed by a four-month internship, allowing participants to gain hands-on experience in real-world hospitality settings. The training will cover four key areas: 

1-   Front Office (50 students)

2-   Food and Beverage (50 students)

3-   Housekeeping (50 students)

4-   Cooking (50 students)

Prospective candidates between the ages of 18 and 25 are encouraged to apply, with priority given to those who can speak and communicate in English and have computer skills. Upon completion of the course, graduates will have the opportunity to secure employment with partner companies offering competitive salaries. 

This program is made possible through the support and co-financing of the Skills Development Fund (SDF) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. It is part of the Cambodian government's plan to improve the tourism industry. The private sector partners, including Hoka and the Siem Reap Tourism Club (STC), as well as support from the Ministry of Tourism, are all working together to improve the quality of service in the tourism industry.

b.Consulting Cambodia commends the Siem Reap Tourism Club (STC) for their commitment to sustainable economic development through vocational training opportunities for students. These initiatives not only empower individuals but also contribute to the overall economic prosperity of the community. STC's plans to offer ongoing recognition of prior learning programs further demonstrate their dedication to supporting individuals throughout their careers.

Applications will be accepted from the date of this announcement until June 15, 2024. 

For more information or media inquiries, please contact Ms. Paul Phallyda 

📱010 655559 

👉Learn more about the program


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