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Inspect what you expect

Our Mystery Guest Program Report 

Hospitality Services offering is the standout in accuracy, detail and value for money.


Our technics are inspired by the internationals agencies in Europe, US or Australia to respect the hospitality standards requests. We work with the same reporting as a governemental agencies ( European Union, Switzerland...)


Each Mystery Guest Report features a detailed visit commentary per module and highly communicative graphics showing the individual properties trending for every check point outcome on the report.


These reports are built to the client’s specifications with provisions for minimal reworking on the client’s part in presenting reports directly to their teams.


Why you need an effective Mystery Guest Report program ? 

  •  A Mystery Guest Report program is the most effective way of measuring customer service and the selling skills practiced by your staff because it is done from your guest’s perspective.

  • Business is tough, competitors match you on location, facilities, price and guest services, you need an edge and that edge is your staff performing at an optimum level.

  • Mystery Guest Report results are a major performance management for your team.

  • When you compare the costs of an effective Mystery Guest Report program to the sales revenue gains from your staffs' improved performance from the resulting targeted remedial training, you will come to the conclusion that having a Mystery Guest Report program in place is simply a good business.

  • Effective Mystery Guest Report programs are cost positive to your business.


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